About Neil

Client Testimonials

I've attended a lot of workshops over 25 years and Neil's was one of the best I have ever seen.

  • Alex Gebhard
  • Assistant Finance Director, City of Tacoma

I found Neil to be exceptional! He did research on our company and audience well in advance of his presentation. He delivered an outstanding message that was both inspiring and touching. He was a big win for our conference.

  • Ric Pearson
  • Senior Manager, CUNA Insurance

Woodward Radio Events was proud to work with Neil! We were thrilled to have a nationally known speaker provide a workshop at our event. Participants learned how to become great leaders and the presentation had the audience excited to apply the skills taught to their professional lives. We welcome the opportunity to work with Neil in the future.

  • Cindy Funke
  • Account Manager, Woodward Communications

Neil's training program for our front-line managers was fantastic. He was able to engage participants and provide them with information they could use in their daily work environment.

  • Amy Charais
  • HR Director, Gannett

I had the pleasure of utilizing Neil's services both as a speaker for my client events and my CEO network and as a consultant/trainer for my senior management team. As a speaker he provided thought provoking, relevant topics that kept the audience informed as well as entertained. He was an excellent ambassador for our organization and the feedback was extremely positive. I also had engaged Neil as a consultant and trainer for my new management team. My team and I enjoyed working with him and his training created a much more cohesive team. I will utilize his services again.

  • Lane Sieman
  • Founder and CEO, HealthOne, Inc.

I've heard Neil speak a number of times and I would listen to him speak on any topic, any time. He's fantastic!

  • Mason Quackenbush
  • Director, Gundersen Lutheran

Understanding how you and others prefer to take in information, make decisions, and communicate can be a huge advantage. Neil gives a wonderful insight into this illuminating way of looking at the world. I have learned a lot from his classes.

  • Jonathan Perrott
  • E-Learning Professional, Twickenham UK

Neil's skill in connecting with and understanding the needs of others is second-to-none. His ability to look at all challenges with both depth and creative breadth make any partnership with Neil enlightening and very practical. Of all the individuals I've interacted with over the years, Neil is the most exceptional.

  • Janine Luz
  • HR Director, Gundersen Lutheran

Neil is fresh, engaging, and informative. He has a pulse on organizational cultures and his motivation makes an impact!

  • Jon Zlabek
  • M.D., Gundersen Lutheran

Neil is one of the most professional and inspirational presenters I have ever heard. He combines humor, knowledge, and insight into his presentations. I never miss an opportunity to hear him speak.

  • Jim Engh
  • HR Operations Manager, Gundersen Lutheran

Neil's ability to discern the needs of an organization along with his knowledge of the complexities of building an effective team are exemplary!

  • Jennifer Wulf
  • CIO, MacDonald & Owen Lumber

Neil is a very engaging speaker and kept our audience engaged and entertained. I highly recommend Neil!

  • Carie Tagorda
  • IT Systems Educator, Parkland Hospital, Dallas

I can only give the highest recommendations for Neil as a person and as a professional. He has proven he can work well with the highest levels of leadership to front line staff. He has a respectful nature and is great at understanding and bringing out people's personal best through his teaching and mentoring.

  • Lisa Wied
  • Director, Gundersen Lutheran

Great presentations! Participants commented on how much they learned about themselves in your sessions. Thank you!

  • Sandy Bissen
  • Executive Director, WHiMA

Thanks so much for your presentation. Many of the participants raved not only about the content, but also about your engaging style as well. It was a pleasure working with you.

  • Steve Nooyen
  • President, Home Instead Senior Care

I have learned a lot from Neil's in depth knowledge of Myers-Briggs. Neil gave me, for the first time in my life, the permission and confidence for me to be me.

  • Ann Wales
  • Administrative Coordinator, Workforce Connections

Neil's insights into personalities and relationships is incredible! His explanations of the MBTI are practical and his everyday examples bring the material to life. My team understands one another better and we communicate more effectively as a direct result of Neil's trainings.

  • Clint West
  • General Manager, MacDonald & Owen Lumber Company

Neil's uplifting and inspiring message was appreciated by our staff as we kicked off another year. With his social services background, he understood the needs of our group and connected with us.

  • Carol Jackomino
  • Executive Director, Family and Children Learning Centers/Head Start

Neil was a big win for our conference. We were delighted to have a nationally recognized speaker at our event. His expertise was evident and participants commented that his breakout session was one of the best and that the takeaways were priceless.

  • Joy Kapheim
  • Chair, Leaderfest

Neil's topics are more pertinent now than ever. He provides a good look at life in a light hearted way that gets people thinking!

  • Mark Palmer
  • Executive Director, Finishing Contractors Association of Illinois

Having worked with other MBTI Practitioners, after five years I was still unsure about my best fit type, so I contacted Neil. I received my Step II report within half an hour, and it was everything I could have asked for. Furthermore, where I have found others difficult to get in touch with, Neil responded to all my emails within a few hours, even despite a six hour time difference, and we were able to set up a video conference in less than 48hrs. The video conference itself was very insightful, and Neil was very affirming and easy to talk to. After an hour of talking with Neil, I feel sure of my personality type, and more able to look at techniques for enhancing communication and efficiency. I would recommend Neil to anybody who is serious about embarking on an MBTI journey, no matter which stage they are at.

  • Laura Hyde
  • England

Working with Neil was a pleasure, from start to finish. He listened to what we had in mind for our audience and he brought it. I felt the audience didn't want the program to end - they wanted to hear more. He definitely had their attention. Great job Neil!

  • Sharon Waukau
  • Money Smart Chair, Menominee Reservation/County, Wisconsin

Neil is very, very good at what he does. He won over a tough, intelligent crowd through his engaging presentation style and his entertaining storytelling. Neil clearly spent a great deal of time researching our organization, which earned him instant credibility and demonstrated to our group that he had tailored the discussion to our specific interests and needs. Our data-hungry group was impressed with his depth of subject matter expertise and his ability to explain concepts in layman's terms. He delivered on everything we asked, and more. Well done!

  • Scott Brubaker
  • Managing Director, Alvarez & Marsal

Neil was incredibly professional and fun to work with. He worked with our group to make sure we would get the most out of MBTI for our diverse group. The program was both entertaining and incredibly insightful to how we interact with one another. We would definitely enjoy bringing him back for another event. Thank you!

  • Heather Black
  • Project Management Mobility Solutions , AT&T

Neil took on such a guiding role in working with my nurses in management positions. I knew I wanted someone that could provide them information and knowledge on the use of the MBTI assessment. What I didn't know, was that Neil would engage the members, interact so fully, and truly provide an exceptional experience for them. We always take the opportunity to see how well our members felt the presenter did -and out of more than 40 speakers, Neil ranked #1 -and I have some pretty amazing speakers!! Truly respect the knowledge and collegial attitude that you brought to the ANNA conference. Thanks again Neil!!

  • Dr. Hazel Dennison
  • Director of Education Services, American Nephrology Nurses Association

THANKS for your outstanding presentation! We truly were captivated with your perspectives, ideas, and approaches on 4 Secrets to Becoming A S.T.A.R. Keep up the great work!

  • Luis Escalante, Jr.
  • Executive Director of National and Central Region Intergovernmental Audit Forums, U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO)

Neil got our conference off to a great start with his stirring keynote delivery. He connected with our audience and got them involved in the fun. Neil delivered laughter, great content, inspiration, and touching stories. Fantastic job, Neil!

  • Debbie Carlson
  • Child Support Manager, WCSEA Chair, Wisconsin Child Support Enforcement Association

I attended a recent Emotional Intelligence seminar that Neil Ihde facilitated for our company. He did a fabulous job, his anecdotes and examples kept our attention and the 4 hours flew by. Neil also did a great job of setting up small group activities that allowed us to interact with our peers in a fun environment while learning a little more about each other. These small group activities gave us tips on how to develop our associates for the betterment and overall success of the associate as well as our company.

  • Sherry Sullivan
  • Assistant Vice President, Collins Community Credit Union

My ownership group really enjoyed Neil's presentation. The personal way in which Neil discusses and explains things is what makes him so effective and enjoyable to listen to. I highly recommend Neil to anyone looking for a motivational speaker at their event.

  • Greg Bearson
  • General Manager, Sabre Initiatives

Neil was very engaging both in content and delivery. He encouraged participation right away and people were eager to share their stories/experiences. He had clearly done his homework regarding our company, products, and initiatives, which impressed management and got their attention from the beginning. With direct references to our organization, he was able to drive his points home and provide useful takeaways. Many people continued the conversations he had started for the rest of the conference! As opposed to some speakers that present unrealistic, lofty goals, Neil's ideas were received by the audience as attainable and easy to implement in our day-to-day lives. Overall, Neil has a gift for presenting, interacting, and empowering his audience.

  • Sonal Singh
  • MLP Associate, Discover Financial Services

I was super impressed with the knowledge I gained from your keynote! After attending your session, I realized that we're looking at how to be a successful program in the wrong way. Your presentation made me look at job satisfaction in a whole new way.

  • Stephanie Boyd
  • Associate Manager

I had the great pleasure to listen to Neil and his well-thought out discussion on how to live life intelligently. Not only was Neil engaging with audience members, but he also encouraged engagement between audience members. He encouraged us to think about what we do and how we do it, and he did it in such a way that was thought-provoking, funny, and thoroughly enjoyable. I would highly recommend Neil to anyone who may be looking for a speaker who is intelligent, professional, and dynamic.

  • Ka Lia
  • Financial Aid Associate Advisor, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point

Neil's enthusiasm and passion for his work is incredible! He's a fantastic speaker and does a great job of flexing his message to match the needs of his audience. We were very impressed and have invited Neil back to again share his expertise with us.

  • Kiersten Karlsen
  • Company Trainer/Staff Development, Productive Living Systems, Inc.

Neil has quickly become one of my favorite facilitators. I've heard a lot of positive comments from others in attendance as well. It's always good to learn new ways of communicating with people of differing personalities. I've found his techniques very useful personally, and professionally. He also does an outstanding job of tying previous course material into new subject matter, which is a great way to get a bit of a refresher. The education was definitely time well spent!

  • Don Putz
  • Real Estate Loan Officer/Sales Manager, Collins Community Credit Union

I was so pleasantly surprised at how enjoyable and beneficial this process was for our team. Neil is truly a master of his craft. He is able to read the room and keep individuals engaged through humor, personal stories, and data that is interesting and makes you want to know more. Expectations for the day were exceeded. We all left wiser, more attune to how our peers tick and think and we bonded as a group. Even individuals that were a bit skeptical about the process left saying that Neil was a perfect fit for our team and were thankful for the way in which he facilitated the session. It was a fun and eye-opening experience for all.

  • Mary Beth Schultz
  • HR Manager, Hiebing

Neil did a fantastic job presenting at our national conference! The room was packed out and people were standing in the back and sitting in the aisles. He has a down-to-earth style and his content and examples are relevant and relatable. Attendees were abuzz with what they learned from his session!

  • Rob Worth
  • President, Advanced Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine

Neil doesn't just deliver great content, he lives it.

  • Dennis Thum
  • Dean of the Chapel, University of Sioux Falls

We appreciated the level of examples Neil shared. Our diverse industry works with numerous volunteers and trying to maintain that platform of dedication is a talent. The information Neil delivered was a method that we all strive to succeed in managing businesses in the non-profit world of organization management. Neil took the time to understand the attendees and explored the community, that is a rare find.

  • Carrie Koelker
  • Executive Director, Eastern Iowa Tourism

Neil gave an outstanding presentation as the opening speaker for our Staff Development Day! He was well received by our credit union employee team and gave great insights into attaining personal success which employees could apply in their personal & professional lives. I would highly recommend Neil - he understands our business!

  • Sharon Riebe
  • Event Planner, Bull's Eye Credit Union

Neil is incredibly knowledgeable about communication - whether it's between co-workers, volunteers or even family members. He is able to give actionable suggestions on how to give people the recognition and appreciation they deserve.

  • Amy Zeigler
  • Digital Marketing Manager, Iowa Tourism Office

Finally some fresh material! Thank you for giving me real answers, not the canned ones in every management book!

  • Illumeo webinar participant

Neil Ihde is such a dynamic, engaging speaker! We felt very privileged to have him as our keynote presenter at our Annual CCR&R System Work Day. Mr. Ihde presented, "It's My Privilege..." Stories and Lessons from Social Services Settings. He was very well spoken and extremely knowledgeable about the subject matter. You could see that he truly cared about the topic, especially when he was relaying stories from his time in Social Services. All of our participants found Mr. Ihde to be relatable and insightful; they all walked away feeling inspired and ready to work with a new perspective.

  • Jody Tutt
  • Program Specialist - Learning and Development, INNCCRA

Your presentation included practical insights for employees to thrive during change and some powerful emotional tugs for prioritizing what's important in life. Your material was well aligned with our priorities and you did a great job of explicitly incorporating our company's mission statement and core values into your talk. You were a wonderful speaker that made the audience think and gave them a new sense of personal inspection. You were a great choice for our annual employee meeting! Thank you!

  • Melissa Underhill
  • Executive Associate, Fulton Financial Advisors

Neil Ihde is a talented speaker with clear mental health expertise. We've had a number of speakers come to our annual trainings over the years but no one has been received better than Neil. Neil was able to explain complex information in a practical way. Our volunteers are much more prepared to assist our program in the future. When asked what they would like to see at next year's training, one participant answered, "More Neil!" We agree!

  • Mary Spranger
  • WisLAP Manager, State Bar of Wisconsin

I had the pleasure of having Neil address members of my faculty and staff in preparation for the new school year. His message was entertaining, high energy, engaging, motivational, thought provoking, and behavior changing. The session was an inspirational and energizing one which provided us with the tools and insights to effectively manage change and people within our organization as we continue to propel the organization forward each and every day.

  • Matt Buckley
  • Principal, St. Patrick High School - Bixoli, MS

We had Neil as our motivational speaker for our Wisconsin Association Medical Staff Services annual conference. What a pleasure it was to have him speak to our group. He provided great knowledge and insight and a bit of humor, keeping our attendees fully engaged and entertained. His presentation was a perfect after-lunch motivation that provided us energy to continue with our conference educational sessions. I highly recommend Neil for your organization.

  • Debbie Woods
  • Medical Staff Office Coordinator, Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

"Good stuff Maynard!"

  • Uncle Ronnie

Neil provided an invaluable opportunity for us to look at our business - what we are doing well and how we can better engage our employees to move our company forward I loved the openness and honesty in Neil's presentation style and facilitation - it is evident that he finds joy in what he does!

  • Pam Neugebauer
  • Regional Director, Big Stone Therapies

We chose Neil to guide our leadership conference of our company's approx 50 managers/leaders and I'm extremely happy we did so. Neil worked in a manner that truly had the best interest of our people in mind...How they understood themselves and their individual strengths AND how they could better understand and serve their teams. Neil focused on discovering our leaders' strengths--and increasing their 'awareness' of their talents and those of their team. His presentations were sharp and salient, a blend of what guides our heads--and our hearts. His material was never 'canned,' but was quickly absorbed by our group. I think the greatest benefit of Neil's influence was that he 'grew our desire to be a team.' Neil left a wake behind him of enthusiasm, of an openness to new insights of how we can lead, ...and of hope.

  • Paul Treinen
  • Executive Leader, Big Stone Therapies

Neil's interactive presentation was a great wrap up to our UW-System Director's Meeting. We are a group of individuals facing many resource challenges while trying to motivate and inspire existing staff members. Neil has a charismatic nature and an organic way of encouraging participation from the group. We all came away with mutually beneficial results from the talk.

  • Dawn Aguilera
  • Work Order Center Manager, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Facility Services

Neil presents a timeless, uplifting message. When addressing our conference of Advanced Practice Providers, the audience was held with rapt attention. He unknowingly addressed issues our health care system was experiencing, and not only showed us the light at the end of the tunnel, but supplied coping mechanisms to walk through the tunnel. His healthcare back ground makes him uniquely qualified to address the changing world providers are facing. He was the highlight of our conference day.

  • Lori Nichols
  • APRN, CNS, Premier Health

The Kimberly-Clark team I was on chose Neil Ihde to speak and train on the topic of Emotional Intelligence and Change in the Workplace. My favorite thing about Neil is his storytelling as the main way to provide training. It helps me to better relate when I can hear real-life examples. He encourages interaction throughout which makes the training lively and entertaining. The team enjoyed the training and we're looking forward to the opportunity to work with Neil again.

  • Julie Mooney
  • Scientist/Microbiologist, Kimberly-Clark