Live Intelligently


Secrets to Living Intelligently

Life is complex. We need help to navigate the challenges and major decisions of our lives. We all have blind spots and have made choices that have hindered our personal and professional effectiveness... The wrong job, the wrong partner, the wrong word, the wrong timing, the wrong pet, the wrong thought, the wrong number, the wrong assumption...These mistakes cause frustration, disappointment, heartache and in extreme cases depression and a shattered sense of self. We could all use some perspective. We need a roadmap. We need a tiny individual on our shoulder who will sing in a booming operatic voice, "MISTAKE!!!" every time we are about to make another disastrous decision. Secrets to Living Intelligently explores the time-tested principles of those who have lived a great life and how we can apply it to our lives TODAY!

5 Decisions That Can Make or Break Your Life

How does it feel to make a wrong decision? Well, at the time, it feels a lot like making the right decision. We don't set out to consciously make bad decisions, but when we look back at some of the disastrous decisions we've made, we wonder how we could have been so far off in our appraisal. Each of us make hundreds of decisions a day...hit the snooze, what to wear, what to eat, each and every verbal and nonverbal response, etc. But there are some decisions that are different than others. There are some decisions that carry much different consequences, and yet we seem to treat some major life decisions with the same amount of thought we put into the question, "Paper or plastic?"


The Complicated Business of Living the Life of a Human Being

Do you know what Mayflies have to complete in their lifetimes? Breed and die. That's it. And they usually do it in 24 hours. Starfish's to do list includes eating clams and avoid being eaten. They don't even have a brain. Human animals, however, are a bit more complex. We are the only animal society that allows mimes. Our lives are less and less about survival. Instead, we are living in an age that offers unprecedented choices and opportunities. Our life then becomes a one long to-do list where "Prioritize Your Life" is #167 if it appears at all. Simplify. Discover your passions. What do you want to live for? What's on your life's to-do list?

Teetering on the Brink - Lessons in Work/Life Balance

A colleague once told me a very telling statement concerning his boss, his wife, his co-workers, his children, his friends ... all the major players in his life, "If they are all mad at me a little bit, then I am doing all right." The message: there's not enough of him to keep everyone satisfied in his life. Is work/life balance a myth? No! It is possible to survive and thrive in the world of work, and to balance work performance with personal development and quality of life. Time will be spent addressing current balances between work and home. In addition, we will explore the double-messages organizations send employees when they say they support work/life balance and yet subtlety reward imbalance. Finally, we will discuss lessons from others' struggles with this lifestyle.

4 Secrets to Becoming a S.T.A.R. - How to Attain Success in Your Personal and Professional Life

Successful people have certain characteristics in common. These individuals are in our circles. They encourage us, inspire us...we are better for having known them. Over ten years ago, I made a list of my favorite people on earth and began to examine their influence and what made them so special. They achieved much in their personal lives as well as in their work. I found that each of them was a S.T.A.R. and I uncovered their secrets on how they became that way. Join me as we unpack essential, practical, and life-altering information that you can put into practice today.


My Selfish Reasons for Wanting You To Be Happy -So, Get Happy and Stay That Way!

Why do I want you to be happy? I have my reasons - some of them altruistic, and some of them selfish. Our country's happiness has flat-lined since the 1950's despite dramatic improvement in nearly every aspect of our lives. It's been said that for every want fulfilled, another emerges. In fact, entire industries have been created on this fact alone. One path we pursue to secure happiness is possessions. Do we need half of the stuff we own? At what point did we begin to belong to our belongings? We need to begin to distinguish what brings joy and happiness in every aspect of our, family, and friends.

The only thing between your success or failure is an "'t"

Two characters. An apostrophe and a t. But that's the difference between can and can't. It's the difference between having the belief and confidence you can achieve and the notion that failure is inevitable. Self-confidence is not a genetic condition. People are not simply born brimming with self-confidence. Self-confidence is something to be be attained. How do you get? Ah...that's the question, isn't it?

A Congruent Life

Socrates quipped, "An unexamined life is not worth living," and yet how many of us would be able to articulate in a moment's notice our life's purpose and how we are living that out day by day? In my experience, very few. But when I do come across someone who lights up at the question, I never cease to be inspired. They smile, they become animated, they touch my shoulder, they grasp my hand, and they may even tear up as they tell the story of their most recent purpose-filled encounter. What story will you tell? Let's begin to answer that by examining the basics: Who are you? What defines you? What would your current behaviors tell me about your life direction? What are your values? What is your purpose in life? Tremendously important questions because armed with those answers, you now have the foundation to examine every opportunity, every relationship, every challenge in a consistent, congruent manner. You are well on your way to a congruent life.